Meena Shamaly

Composer - Music for Film & Games

Meena Shamaly is a composer, musician, poet, and radio presenter. As a composer, his work centres around creating music for stories, through the mediums of film, video games, and theatre. As a songwriter and poet, he tells stories of hope, justice, faith, and reasons to love and laugh. He also collaborates with other poets and songwriters in creating stories together, and helps produce and arrange their work to highlight all the best aspects of their art.

Meena is one of the creative producers of Slamalamadingdong, Melbourne’s premier poetry slam. He runs workshops in poetry and music, since he is as passionate about igniting and providing space for the creativity of others as he is about creating his own art.

Additionally, Meena is the host of the Game Show on ABC Classic FM, where he presents and speaks on the diverse and beautiful music of video games each week to a national Australian (and online global) audience.